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Senior Whole Health of New York to Offer One-Stop, All-Inclusive Health Care for Low-Income Seniors and Disabled "FIDA" Plan Available in January

NEW YORK, NY, Dec.1, 2014 – Senior Whole Health (SWH) of New York, Inc. announced today that it will begin offering one-stop, all-inclusive health care to low-income seniors and the disabled over 21 years of age under a demonstration project administered by the State of New York and the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Called SWH Whole Health Fully Integrated Dual Advantage (Medicare-Medicaid) Plan because it provides integrated care to people dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, it will be available beginning January 1 to residents of Bronx, Queens, Kings and New York counties.

"We're confident that our SWH Whole Health FIDA Plan will provide people eligible for Medicare and Medicaid with a better health care experience. They will receive patient-centered, integrated care, delivered in their community and accessible through a single point of contact," said David Kleinhanzl, President of Senior Whole Health of New York. "It's a proven model that is changing all of health care for the better."

SWH of New York has been offering senior care in the New York City area since 2012. For more than a decade, SWH has been providing a plan similar to the SWH Whole Health FIDA Plan to low-income seniors in Massachusetts, where the model has proven to improve the health and quality of life of seniors while lowering health care costs through reduced hospital and nursing home admissions.

Members of the SWH Whole Health FIDA Plan will receive all of their medical care, including prescription drugs, with no co-pays or deductibles, as well as any necessary non-medical support services. All care is coordinated through an Interdisciplinary Care Team (IDT) that can include a primary care physician, a nurse care manager, a home health aide, necessary specialists and family members. Care is delivered according to a Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP) individualized to each member.

Since enrolling its first member in 2004, Senior Whole Health has led the way as an affordable and innovative health care plan for "dual-eligibles" -- people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. Senior Whole Health is both an approved Medicare Special Needs Plan (SNP) and a Medicare Part D Plan. Available in Massachusetts and New York, Senior Whole Health provides one-stop, all-inclusive, patient-centered care. Senior Whole Health's mission is to maximize our members' quality of life, health, security and independence by offering a voluntary health care plan that's simple to join, provides security and peace of mind through support and advocacy, and helps members live as independently as possible through comprehensive, community-based support and services.

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